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Dime Lab Water Systems is a water purification products company.

Founded by Dime Water Manufacturing, Inc., Dime has been in the Water Treatment Industry since 1994. Dime’s Chief engineer and co-owner, Mike Colburn has been in water treatment since 1969.

Factory Direct Water Solutions

Mr. Colburn is well known as one of the most innovative engineers in the industry today. In addition to Mr. Colburn’s expertise, Dime Water has a 10,000 sq. ft manufacturing, lab and research facility in Vista, California fully staffed with a combined experience of over 125 years in Specialized Water Treatment.

Dime Water develops water treatment products, lab water purification systems and custom water purification units.

These units are available for all laboratory water grades, for every type of application, from the large commercial sterile loops to the single lab water work areas needing more technical processes.